Workplace Safety and Health Officer

Chang Hua Construction Pte Ltd

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Update day: 20-09-2023

Location: East

Category: Civil / Construction


Salary: Negotiate

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Job Descriptions

  • Assist the PM to identify and assess any foreseeable risk arising from the workplace or work processes therein.

  • Recommend to the PM reasonably practicable measures to eliminate any foreseeable risk to any person who is at work in that workplace or may be affected by the occupier’s undertaking in the workplace.

  • Where it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate the risk referred, to recommend to the occupier of the workplace or other person in charge of the workplace.

  • Such reasonably practicable measures to minimize the risk.

  • Such safe work procedures to control the risk.

  • Assist the PM to implement the measure or safe work procedure

  • Assist the management to organize and promote EHS activities and campaigns to raise the EHS awareness of all site personnel.

  • Review EHS Management System and recommendations for improvement of EHS and ensuring continual compliance towards the project and work progresses.

  • Ensure that all statutory regulations, code of practice and company’s EHS rules & regulations are implemented and complied with at the project site.

  • Advise management on all matters pertaining to EHS.

  • Conduct regular inspection and audits on the EHS provisions on site.

  • Assist the PM to investigate all incidents and record all findings to prevent reoccurrence of similar incident.

  • Establish and maintain a positive EHS environment on the project site.

  • Conduct safety meeting to site personnel.


  • Diploma in Environmental, Health & Safety related qualifications

  • Registered MOM Workplace Safety and Health Officer

  • 2-4 years WSH experience in HDB projects required

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Deadline: 04-11-2023

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