Thai Translator

Alkem Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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Update day: 19-08-2023

Location: West

Category: Administrative / Clerical / Assistant


Salary: Negotiate

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Job content

1 The persons need to provide information on Thai library books in

(i) Thai Language

(ii) Thai romanised transliteration (***************) (e.g. title, authors, publishers, etc) and

(iii) English (short summary, number of pages, etc)

and work with the cataloguer to input the information into library catalogue records. There are about 550 Thai Records/Books

2 The persons need to be on-site at the library to access the books to provide the information on the books. The working hours is on weekdays, 9 am to 5 pm. The work is to be completed in December 2022 and January 2023, before 23 January 2023.

3 The persons need to use her/ his own laptop to complete the work.

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Deadline: 03-10-2023

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