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Update day: 20-09-2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Electrical / Electronics


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1. Position (Job Title): Test Engineer – RF

RF Test Engineer will be responsible for module and chip characterization, verification, correlation, failure analysis for RFFE products, and supporting failure analysis of RMA and DPPM rejects.

The responsibilities of this role include:

· Work with test setup such as PNA-X, PXA, network analyzers, noise figure measurement, sophisticated system tools such ET/DPD, system alignment, transceiver optimization as well as antenna tuners to optimize the performance

· Collect and evaluate data to verify performance over temperature, Voltage and process corners

· Summarize and create performance reports

· Characterization Report includes all the parametric data from RFFE such as Rx path NF, noise circles, IP2/IM2, IP3/IM3, Gain modes, S-parameters of Rx path components, as well as Tx path PAE, Gain, ACLR, power sweep, Rx Band Noise, Spectrum Emission Mask, s-par, x-par, Load-pull, Out-of-band rejection, frequency sweep, etc.

· Bench HW & SW development for characterization test

· Develop Characterization Test Plans to report the performance of RFFE products in a highly automated RF test set-up

· Design and develop engineering evaluation test boards for RFFE products. Test board and RFFE module assembly (soldering)

· Select, implement, and maintain test equipment necessary for RFFE product characterization

· Work with RFFE Module and IC design team to maintain, optimize, and release chip setting for overall optimized product performances.

Minimum Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, RF Engineering, Wireless communication or related field.

· Preferred Qualifications

· Knowledge of RF measurements such as S-parameters, P1dB, IP2/IP3, ACPR, NF, phase noise, ACLR, POUT, EVM, Harmonics

· Knowledge of wireless communication protocol, such as GSM, WCDMA, LTE ,5G and GPS

· Knowledge of different type of RF systems

· Experience with LabVIEW programming, NI Test stand and NI equipment application

· Experience with lab instruments/tools application (Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, IQview, DMM, Network Analyzer, Signal Generator, etc.)

· Experience with software programming, VBA, Python

· Experience with RF, Mixed-signal PCB design and RF tuning

· Knowledge of mixed-signal ADC, DAC, PMIC measurements such as INL, DNL, SNR, THD, SFDR, efficiency is preferred

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Deadline: 04-11-2023

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