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What the role is

The maritime sector in Singapore comprises the twin pillars of our global transhipment hub port and international maritime centre, which are critical to ensure Singapore’s relevance and involvement in global supply chains, and in ensuring the uninterrupted and efficient flow of goods to and through Singapore. Singapore is a leading maritime hub – we are the busiest transhipment hub port in the world despite the size of our domestic import/export market, and have been recognised as the leading maritime centre of the world.

What you will be working on

The officer will undertake policy reviews, and work with MPA on the formulation and operationalisation of policies in a range of policy domains: - Economic: To develop and support the execution of policies to ensure Singapore remains competitive as a leading hub port and international maritime centre. Major upcoming projects include a) reviewing and implementing policies to strengthen the competitiveness of our transhipment hub port and international maritime centre in a post-COVID operating landscape b) sustainability and decarbonisation initiatives to future proof our hub port and seize new opportunities; and c) leveraging R&D to improve productivity and resilience, and to overcome our inherent constraints of land and labour and d) jobs and skills initiatives to localise and upskill jobs. Requires keen monitoring of the external competitive landscape and global trends, and the ability to be nimble in working through operational issues. Involves close collaboration with economic agencies such as MTI, EDB, ESG. - Infrastructure: To develop and support the execution of policies relating to the use of scarce sea space to enhance port capacity and development. Major upcoming projects include a) Tuas Port development and planning of reclamation works b) consolidation of port operations from City terminals and Pasir Panjang terminals to Tuas Port and c) review of anchorage space for maritime services given shrinking sea space due to land reclamation needs. Involves close collaboration with industry stakeholders such as PSA and Jurong Port, and agencies such as MND, URA, NEA and MHA. - Security/ International Relations: To support the development and execution of policies to safeguard Singapore’s sovereignty (e.g. boundary issues and port limits), and advance our strategic maritime interests (e.g. ensuring Singapore remains an influential thought leader on maritime issues, keeping sea-lanes to Singapore port open). Significant exposure to bilateral and multilateral issues. Involves extensive collaboration with agencies including MFA, AGC, MINDEF/RSN and MHA/PCG. Key operational pieces include working across Government and with MPA on detailed SOPs for operational assets on the ground and public communications to exercise jurisdiction and safeguard Singapore’s delimitation interests. The job will provide significant exposure to senior management in MOT and within Government, and include overseas travel for meetings with MOT and/or MPA’s counterparts, and with the maritime industry.

What we are looking for

a) Strong analytical, numerical and critical reasoning skills b) Excellent writing and communications skills c) Soft skills to work with different stakeholders d) Strong, positive work ethic and a team player

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Deadline: 01-04-2024

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