Preschool Teacher


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Update day: 20-09-2023

Location: Singapore

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Job Description & Requirements

Responsibilities in the Classroom

· Plan, supervise and implement programme activities in the classroom and beyond classroom settings in accordance to the Curriculum Framework.

· Adhere to the daily timetable in the classroom.

· Prepare learning updates on the children and submit to the School Principal for approval.

· Periodically change the classroom displays, charts, decorations by maintaining them in good condition.

· Be responsible for the arrangement, appearance, decorations and learning environment of the classroom. Change classroom displays and charts before a new term starts.

· Compile all children’s crafts, worksheets or projects in the correct sequence and file them into respective folders. Send folders back home at the end of every term.

· Keep the classroom clean, neat and tidy at all times. Arrange the furniture in proper order, wash classroom toys weekly and turn off the lights, fans and air-conditioning before leaving the classroom.

· Provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to work and play.

· Carry out routine care duties with safety and hygiene standards in accordance to SOP.

· Utilise the afternoon periods when the children are napping in planning the lessons, recording the various reports, doing teaching props and/or any other thing related to the School.

Responsibilities to the Children

· Customise lesson plans to meet the needs of the children. Evaluate lessons taught to the children to ensure their progress.

· Revise with the children to help them grasp the concepts that have already been taught.

· Attend to all children’s physical care and emotional well-being by responding to and comforting children who are distressed or unwell.

· Demonstrate sensitivity and respect for the diversity of social & cultural backgrounds of the children in your care.

· Interactions with children are to reflect the philosophy and policies of the school, and in accordance with ECDA regulation.

· Check children’s bag every morning for letters, mediations, etc.

· Communicate with the parents by writing comments on the child’s well-being, progress, etc in the Parents-Teacher Communication Booklet. Check this Communication Booklet daily for messages, and/or comments from the parents.

· Systematically observe and document children’s holistic development. Prepare a developmental portfolio for each child and complete progress report by end of semester.

· Prepare developmentally appropriate teaching aids and source materials to support children’s learning in various curriculum areas.

· Provide parents with materials to help them facilitate their children’s development at home. (Eg. Take home kit)

· Inform the School Principal if a child has been absent from school for 2 consecutive days.

· Call the parent to check on the reason for the child’s absence from school.

Responsibilities in the School

· Work closely as a team, sharing skills, resources and equipment with other colleagues.

· Engage in monthly peer Teaching and Learning session.

· Contribute actively to the school’s events, outings, fieldtrips, newsletters etc.

· Assist in the marketing promotions/programs, parent’s discussion groups and other programs to promote the school and its philosophy.

· To undertake other related duties when assigned (Eg. Render your support in other classes in the absence of the respective class teacher or when the respective class teacher has been assigned with other duties.).

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Deadline: 04-11-2023

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