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Update day: 17-05-2023

Location: Serangoon

Category: Serving / Cleaner / Maids


Job type: Full Time

Salary: 2700 SGD / month

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Since 1983, K Shoe and Bags has been one of the oldest shoe and bag repair businesses in Singapore.
With 40 years of experience in the repair industry, we are well-known for grooming the most talented and successful crafters in Singapore.
As a fast-growing company, we are actively scouting for individuals with exceptional values that deserve a chance to be part of our success.

What are we looking for?

K Shoe & Bags prioritize cultivating company values that create a positive working environment. We are looking for individuals who are;

- Honest

- Sincere in helping people

- Committed

- Friendly

- Able to speak English

- Hands-on

- Entry Level

- No Qualification requirements

- Willing to work retail

- Quota available for Singaporeans only

What will the job be like?

- Manage & organise the workload in store

- Provide consultation to customers on their repairs

- Duplicate Keys

- Perform shoe/bag repair tasks like Glueing, Stitching, Machine Grinding, Polishing

- 11 am - 8 pm
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Contact Information

Address: Serangoon - NE12|CC13

Deadline: 01-07-2023

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