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In a nutshell

This gig is all about supporting the delivery of the member experience in our club and providing a pristine, compelling and safe environment for members and team members. You’ll handle issues that arise during the opening or closing of the club and help the team resolve them quickly.

A day in the life

  • Provide exceptional operational leadership in line with our brand standards and service framework, and maintain opening/closing checklists to ensure the club runs like clockwork.
  • Take the lead if/when any member of the HOD (‘Head of Dept’) team is not in the club.
  • Regularly communicate with the HOD team on any issues that arise during the opening or closing of the club, whether or not they’re resolved.
  • Maintain keys to the club and make sure they’re looked after.
  • Ensure all interactions are warm, queries are answered and feedback handled effectively.
  • Ensure all areas and equipment are safe and clean and that the club’s appearance reflects the highest standard throughout the studios, changerooms and common areas.
  • Report any issues or faults you find that require a technical fix.
  • Closely manage all stock and conduct regular stock counts to ensure everything is accounted for and all items are in good state of repair/not expired.
  • Ensure an overall safe and healthy environment for members and team members.
  • Find ways to give that little bit extra… especially when it’s unexpected.

To land this gig… and your ongoing mindset

  • You have 2+ years of relevant experience, a neat-freak reputation, flexibility to work a nontraditional schedule and willing to support in an emergency situation.
  • You have aligned experience. You love to deliver heartfelt service as much as you love to
    guarantee a super safe and glistening clean environment for all. You know what it’s like to
    work with a high profile consumer brand and the value of a well-oiled machine. You may
    also have some retail or hospitality sector experience. A+ for you.
  • You are people-focused. You’re warm, honest and genuine. You get a kick out of ensuring
    things run so super smoothly that people go wow! You’re cool under pressure. Delivering
    an impeccable level of brand standards makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • You are self-assured. You listen intently. You speak eloquently. You can explain just about
    anything to anyone and you’re comfortable communicating at all levels. You’re authentic
    when you express yourself. People trust you.
  • You are driven. You’re perceptive, you ask questions and you strive to understand. You
    enjoy solving problems. You don’t get flustered easily. You’re comfortable managing your
    time and can be counted on to meticulously execute the opening and closing checklists.
  • You have a can-do approach. You think on your feet. You’re cool with ambiguity and you
    roll with the punches when things change. You keep things on track like clockwork.
    Whatever a member needs, whatever a member is looking for, you help them find it.
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Deadline: 20-07-2023

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