Masseur (Foot Reflexology)

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Update day: 10-02-2024

Location: Central

Category: Health / Medical Care


Salary: Negotiate

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Job Requirements(工作要求):

  • Have at least 1 year of relevant working experience.( 至少有一年的相关工作经验.)

  • Able to work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours a day.(每周至少工作5天,每天工作8个小时.)

  • Be in good health. (身体健康.)

  • Able to work well with others.(能够与他人合作.)

  • Responsible and committed.(负责任和承诺.)

  • Able to communicate and get along with other colleagues and customers.(能够与其他同事和客户进行交流和相处.)

  • Roles are not gender restricted, all are welcome to apply. (欢迎所有人申请, 不受性别限制).

    如果有兴趣,请通过电话与我们联系: 82284*** (中文使用者)

    If interested, contact us at 9807100 (for English speakers only)

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    Deadline: 26-03-2024

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