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GS1 Singapore Limited

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Update day: 17-05-2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Marketing / PR


Salary: Negotiate

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1. Strategic Marketing Management

a. Create positive & sustainable growth in GS1 standard adoption & services and GS1 membership increases through creative marketing that includes traditional marketing and digital marketing

b. Work closely with business development, membership, technical and other industry engagement teams to identify business opportunities, ascertain market demand, understand GS1 strengths and limitations so as to craft out effective marketing strategies and value propositions

c. Map out the entire year’s top level marketing work plan to effectively manage resources and chart out the marketing roadmap to communicate effectively and provide visibility and directions for all stakeholders

d. Lead the marketing team to creatively craft out the detail marketing activities for each business, service, event, channel, project initiative and campaign

e. Provide guidance, training and direction to staff in the design and development of digital media, marketing collaterals, tracking databases, processes and all marketing related issues

f. Responsible for the quality, timeliness & profitability in implementing, tracking and reporting progress of all planned events and marketing initiatives per the agreed strategy and roadmap

g. Plan, track and solicit resources to meet performance targets for respective marketing projects

h. Actively search for digital tools to automate marketing activities and enhance innovation & productivity

i. Analyse the data from online digital marketing platforms and responses from events to measure the outcome of each marketing activity and propose future directions base on the ROI data

j. Strategically implement inbound marketing by drawing customers in as they search via web-based platforms e.g. Social Media (FB, Tik Tok etc), viral videos, SEO etc.

k. Lead customers through the buyer journey: Attract, Convert, Close, Promote

2. Digital and Social Media Marketing

a. Review existing websites, e-newsletter, social media and propose enhancements or revamps to increase site visitors / followers, raise search engine ranking and improve conversion rate

b. Curate and develop compelling contents for e-newsletter (eCONNECT), social media and website to achieve thought leadership, brand positioning, leads generation and industry engagement

c. Plan and execute effective digital marketing strategies to support business initiatives and drive growth

d. Propose enhancement for the user interface and user experience of GS1 digital platforms (e.g NEPC)

e. Develop content strategies and plan / source contents to improve social media engagements to drive traffic and business growth

f. Daily analysis of campaign data and adjustments to campaign parameters to achieve lower cost per click , higher conversion rate, and improve sign-ups

g. Coordinate & Manage content creation and curation processes across channels and media platforms.

3. Event Marketing

a. Identify, plan and execute quality events with internal and external stakeholders from start to finish according to requirements, target audience, objectives and timeline

b. Manage relationships with key influencers, speakers, sponsors and partners to gain their involvement in events, both for pre-event promotion and onsite activities

c. Craft out and execute creative marketing strategies and themes to promote events’ sign-ups and sponsorships

d. In line with agreed marketing plan, to develop event budgets, seek approval and ensure adherence

e. Evaluate the benefits of GS1 support for each event and negotiate with event organisers on the terms of support and participation in selected events

f. Write contents for marketing materials and speeches

g. Orchestrate the entire implementation of each event.

h. Plan, develop and track measurements for events (e.g event survey form & online sign-ups)

i. Analyze the event’s success and propose future directions / improvements

4. Partnerships Development and Industry Engagement

a. Industry Engagement Sector Lead to promote GS1 Standards and grow memberships in Retail sector

b. Work with Global Office to deploy new standards & applications for the Retail sector, e.g. digital link

c. Develop marketing materials and strategies to effectively engage the Retail sector

d. Identify, build and manage relevant partnerships and work with industry partners to facilitate collaboration and achievement of GS1 business objectives and growth eg. Google

e. Work with Solution Partner Program (SPP) team to get Solution Partners to adopt GS1 standards for Retail sector

5. Any other duties or assignments as directed by the CEO.

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Deadline: 16-06-2023

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