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Update day: 31-01-2024

Location: Singapore

Category: Marketing / PR


Salary: Negotiate

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Job Overview:

A senior level management role in relation to the build and operation of digital venues. You will be engaging with clients about requirements and deliverables, and acting as an organising conduit for information flow.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Organising and Managing:

● CADs,

● models,

● photos,

● backgrounds /source materials, content transformations

● features,

● Transformations of content

● Asset contents

● Functionality requests

● Deliverables timing

● Resource and activity prioritisation

● Managing the builds and related scheduling

● Managing relationships, costs, and activities of delivery partners

● Managing the training and onboarding and ultimate success of the client

● etc

2. Engaging with clients:

● Project requirements

● Assisting in pre-sales

● Regular updates with clients

● Helping to prioritise workaround and solve functional issues

3. Forward looking

● Actively understanding the market structure, use cases, and potential new significant areas of value

● Participating in research for possible new related technology that can lower barrier to entry, lower costs, increase fidelity, and increase value to our clients.

Key Responsibilities:

● Work with clients to understand each VenueTwin build, including:
○ Area to be covered
○ Level of Detail
○ Lighting Requirements

● Understand what information is available for a venue, and work with clients to ensureenough drawings etc. are provided to start the build.

● Work with 3D team to build models based on client files

● Review 3D models before releasing to client

● Review models with clients, generate list of changes required

● Collect information on feature requests from clients and pass to VT Team for review

● Assist client with technical issue related to VenueTwin

● Estimate time needed and budgets for quotes, working with sales teams

● Manage timelines, ensure projects get delivered on time

● Provide feedback to clients on status of on-going builds


Experience.- Extensive experience working alongside Olympic committees and stadiums.

-Previous experience in engaging clients.

Specific skills.- CAD

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Deadline: 16-03-2024

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