Assistant Manager


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Update day: 16-08-2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Other

Industry: Restaurants Food & Beverages Food Production

Position: Associate

Job type: Full-time

Salary: Negotiate

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Job content

  • Ensure good business performance of the restaurant.
  • Administer purchasing and receiving procedures
  • Conduct food and beverage hygiene audit
  • Conduct orientation and training
  • Conduct staff performance assessment process
  • Contribute to the innovation process within own scope of work in the business unit
  • Facilitate compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Foster service innovation
  • Identify and establish internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • Implement loss/risk prevention
  • Lead team to implement change
  • Lead with a service vision
  • Manage and implement business continuity plans
  • Manage site/outlet and equipment maintenance
  • Managing the customer experience
  • Monitor income and expenses
  • Provide information for management decision making
  • Provide quality control for service
  • Supervise bar service
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Contact Information

Address: NASSIM HILL PTE. LTD. Singapore, Singapore

Deadline: 30-09-2023

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